About My Work


In January of 2016, I accepted a 2 year project with ReachGlobal Latin America.  I will soon be moving down to San Jose, Costa Rica where I will serve as the Regional Communications Coordinator–a long title to say that I will in essence be the media department in Central/South America and the Caribbean.  The transition has several parts:  I need to travel from Alaska down to the Lower 48 to support raise, and then travel from the Lower 48 down to Costa Rica to begin my work, so the process could be a long one.  I will not move out of the country until my support levels are at 100%, so I don’t actually have a “start date” for my work yet.

Once settled, my work will have several parts to it.  I will travel around to the teams stationed all around Mexico, Central/South America and the Caribbean and help them with their storytelling endeavors.  I will do a lot of documentary work (as in videography), photography for other missionary’s blogs and newsletters, as well as help them in communicating what God is doing in their ministry and how people can support them back home.  My work will consist of videography, photography, writing, a lot of travel, and interaction with both missionaries and leaders of local churches and ministries.

While in San Jose, Costa Rica, I will also take on a role of teaching art to children–something that I have been blessed to explore during my years in Alaska.


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