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Bronn-1I’m Kathryn Elizabeth.

Artist, musician, adventurer, lover of Jesus and all that brings fullness and freedom in life.

Inspired by stories of redemption.  Lover of sweet tea in a mason jar, messy paints, good coffee to go with good conversation, my beach cruiser, long road trips, and all things summer.

I’m too Californian to fit in with the Coloradans, and too Coloradan to live in California, so I went ahead and did the most rational thing and moved to the Alaskan bush a few years ago.  It was an amazing and incredibly restoring experience to live in the vast middle of nowhere. I learned to love tiny airplanes, moose for dinner, and bear dogs.  I am now FULLY awarethat I am fully Californian, and cannot handle the cold, so I started praying that God would open a door for me to move south again.

Following the passion God has put in me for storytelling, photography, writing, and art/media in general, as well I have recently joined ReachGlobal as a missionary and will be headed to Costa Rica to be the Regional Communications Coordinator for ReachGlobal Latin America.  That’s a big sentence.  I get to travel all over Latin America and tell the stories about what God is doing in and among the people and missionaries there.  And I get to be warm.  Praise God.

I went to school for photography as well as music.  I am a devoted world traveler.  I cannot believe that my upcoming work gets to be both of these.

As I set out on this journey, I am excited to reconnect with old friends, make some new ones, and find stories all along the way.  It is such a privilege to tell other people’s stories; to give them a voice and show them the beauty of where God has put them.  It is always a greater challenge to be faithful in telling my own story and recognizing the works of God in my midst, so this is an attempt at both.




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