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Vlog from Houston :: Crisis Response

January 2, 2018

Happy New Year!

It’s absolutely freezing here in Houston this week, and I am bundled in all the warm clothes I brought with me from the tropics, sitting in the warmest corner of Kat Welch’s office.  But OH, what a week it has been!  I sat in a man’s garage yesterday and interviewed him, just giving him space to hear his story about his home flooding and the ReachGlobal teams coming in to gut and rebuild his home.  This man is not a believer…yet… but talked about the teams breathing new life into his home with the way they love him and care for his family.  This is good stuff.  This reminds me why I do what I do.

I’ve been wanting to do vlogs for quite awhile now (video blogs), but keep putting it off.  Here is a little overview of what the week has looked like!  Tomorrow I head down to Corpus Christi to teach an art class with some struggling teenagers who lost their homes during Hurricane Harvey.

And a few more photos to go with the week!  Today, I’m camped out near the space heater and Kat’s sweet old dog in the Crisis Response office to start the editing and organizing process with the massive amounts of footage I collected this past week.  Here’s a few favorite moments to share:


Also, just for funsies, I thought I’d put this little extra bit in here–all the parts of my vlog that I cut out.  EVERYONE who gets interviewed, and I mean absolutely everyone, feels awkward.  Every person who has sat in front of my camera over the last 6 years of doing this has felt uncomfortable.  I have made the same joke for 6 years too… that I myself get so uncomfortable on camera that I start lisping (I don’t normally have any sort of speech impediment) and I make inappropriate photographer jokes.  So, here is proof of that.  I did it without thinking.  So weird.  We are all weird, I’m just one of the crowd in that.  Also, I have a huge library of the strange conversations that happen during interviews–usually it’s my own voice behind the camera, but it’s fun to show that it’s just normal!

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