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November 6, 2017

I finished a project and am delighted to share!

IBAC is one of our ReachGlobal teams here in the Latin America/Caribbean division.  This is a video for the team to use, as they are sharing at churches in the States or to send to their prayer teams and current supporting churches.  This is the first of 10 team videos that I’ll make in the next year or so, and eventually I’ll combine them all (well, cuts of them at least) to tell a larger scale narrative of what God is doing in the church and communities of Latin America.

I take delight in making pieces that are incredibly USEFUL, highly FUNCTIONAL and purposeful for the recipients.  However, there is an even greater delight in weaving together the story. I go into these times of filming with a framework of what I’m looking for, a skeleton or outline if you will.  The greater delight is seeing how it fleshes out, and seeing the heart responses I get in interviews.  It’s the going over all the footage several times, a process that takes many hours, and seeing what truly takes shape from it.

I love doing this work!  It is difficult for me to gauge the “success” rate of it, or the actual reach of the work, but I trust God to put it in front of exactly whomever needs to see it.

Thanks so much for your support and prayers, for being part of my team, as we get to go forth and tell God’s stories among the nations.


IBAC Team Video 2017 from Kathryn Bronn on Vimeo.

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