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An Artist’s Prayer Journal :: Spring and Summer Pages

September 4, 2017

Sharing a prayer journal feels pretty personal, but I am not known for holding back a whole lot.  These are pages from this summer mostly, during the preparation and transition to Costa Rica.  They were made out of the ache and longing of my heart, some out of the immense rejoicing and inability to come up with words of my own to pray.  Maybe don’t read them too closely…but if you do and feel concerned about anything, just let me know 🙂

I have been cutting silhouettes out of dance and bridal magazines for months, something I saw another artist doing and loved (although hers were just fashion models).  We talk about posture so much in prayer and in worship, and I feel like these silhouettes capture the expression of my heart at the moment of the prayer.  The colors too… for the most part, I am drawn to the blue/green/turquoise palette, but sometimes a color can express the attitude/mood/longing of the heart better than words as well. When I am feeling particularly exuberant, reds and oranges capture the heart better!

For anyone interested, the book I used was a children’s picture book I found at a thrift store and I painted over all the pages. There’s about 6 left to finish in this book and then I’ll set it aside with all the other full art journals.


As for some other art pages and projects through the summer season, here we go! Most of these have been shared on social media at some time or another, but it’s fun to put them all in one place and track growth throughout the years.  I loved participating in Daisy Yellow Art’s “Index Card a Day” (ICAD) challenge through June and July, and the cards are currently hanging up in my new guest room/office space as a collage.


And here’s the normal journal pages, mostly with quotes from books I was reading or song lyrics of significant songs throughout the season.  If I have learned anything these last months it’s that a) I’m still pretty terrible at painting faces and thankfully the art journal is about the learning PROCESS, not the final product.  b) I’ve been creating a lot of pages and I think some of them are totally lame. As much as I learn and practice, there’s a world more of growth possible.  I guess that’s true in any area of life, isn’t it? The more I learn and explore, the more I realize I haven’t even scratched the surface. The more I know the more I realize I know nothing at all.  I am so eager to get into teaching art some here in Costa Rica, but Spanish is required first (yay classes!) I’m curious to see what my pages start to look like once my brain turns to applesauce and then later when I start thinking in another language.



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  • Reply Gary Topolinski September 4, 2017 at 4:22 pm

    One of your posts stated, “I’ve been in transition so long I wonder if there is any other way of life.” Judy and I have felt that way for several years now as we look out for her 93 Father. We have learned, I’m sure as you have, that God
    is ever present and what we consider at times, aimless wandering, is in fact God asking “Do you really trust that I know
    what’s best and that my timing is always perfect.”
    Carry on, little girl, in your new home of Costa Rica and may your steps in a new land be filled with joy, anticipation and appreciation of God’s goodness and timing.
    Gary and Judy Top

    • Reply Kathryn September 9, 2017 at 5:34 pm

      Gary, thanks so much for your kind words! I am so grateful for the part you guys play in my story, always so wise 🙂 Long transitions make the soul tired on a deep level, don’t they? And yet, that’s where we find Jesus for sure, as He is our home. When I was right in the middle of the struggle, a friend of mine said something to the effect of “Well, all of our lives on earth ARE transition. We don’t leave that until we leave here.”
      Anyway, thanks so much for taking the time to read and for your response, it made my whole day!

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