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March 31, 2017

When I started art journaling 2 years ago, I never for a minute guessed it would become my “thing” to talk about so frequently.  Now, about 1,000 conversations later, it just is! What began as a way to spew my emotions on paper and in color (rather than spew them on people, or even better, as preparation to talk about them coherently with people), has become my favorite means of processing and coping.  It’s my favorite way to connect with other women and get insight into their hearts as well!  As I have shared the two aspects of my ministry work with people–the photography and the art journaling–people always have far more questions and interest in the art journaling.

So, here is a quick gallery of some of my favorite art journal pages from January through March.  I feel vulnerable sharing!

My process is very disorganized. I do not open a book and just work on a page until it’s done. I am actually currently working simultaneously in 4 art journals right now, and will oftentimes have them all open at the same time, paint flying all over the place.  A page gets worked on and dabbled with approximately 10 times before I feel finished with it, and it could take months for that to happen.  I am including a few of my unfinished pages in here today, so you can see that the process is an ongoing one.

Some of these photos have already been shared on social media, but just for my own sake, it’s fun to put them all in one place.  Plus, it documents growth and progress.

This lady here gets featured a lot in my current art journals–she’s actually the catalog model for the fancy Italian clothing company I work for.  I have been taking home last year’s look-books and cutting them up, as they’d be recycled soon anyway. Plus, the company goes all out and uses really really nice paper.

Art journaling my lament– it has been good! Esther Fleece just released a book called No More Faking Fine, and speaks a lot on how the lamenting process is actually what brings our hearts back into peace with God.  Get it. Read it.

Studying Genesis right now, and considering the DIGNITY God designed every man and woman to have from the beginning.  I might need to mull it over for many years, but here is what it looks like to process my Bible on paper too.

One of my new art journals is an atlas I “rescued” from the local thrift store.  I love the concept of making all my art on top of maps, but also have such a love of maps that I am struggling with covering them up.  I might just incorporate them into this book, rather than painting over all of them.

Here are a few unfinished ones that still have lots of dabbling left:

As you can probably observe, my current obsession is cutting out dancers and ladies in gowns out of magazines (think paper dolls) and using them as masks or stencils.  They are so elegant and whimsical all at once!


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  • Reply Kacy Lou March 31, 2017 at 9:39 am

    These are MARVELOUS! Thank you for sharing you beautiful, creative soul with the world. It is a richer place because of the way you are sharing your gifts. xo

    • Reply Kathryn March 31, 2017 at 11:58 am

      Thanks Kacy! We need to plan an night soon where we can just get out all the art supplies, spread them out, and make a fabulous mess like we used to do in my room. Let’s make it happen.

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