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Twisted Wire and A Heart for Jesus | A Jewelry Fundraiser

October 10, 2016


She sat on her living room floor, beads spread out, surrounded by copper and sterling silver wire of all sizes.  She sat — after a day of sippy cups and wiping noses and the everyday crashes and sound effects and shouts and emotions that come from 3 small boys– and prayed that her simple jewelry would effect the kingdom.

Let me share with you the story of my sweet friend, Laura.  She is the wife of an Alaskan bush pilot, mother of 3 little boys, the daughter of a southern man and a Filipino woman, and one who has spent her life loving Jesus.  Personally, I think she looks like Pocahontas, but I can imagine her embarrassment even as I type those words.  In her current season of life, homeschooling and merely keeping up, while her husband often has to be gone flying, Laura asked God to give her a way to participate in ministry.  Something, anything, to do to be part of missions around the world.  God answered her.  He gave her jewelry.

One rainy summer’s day, while I was still serving coffee at the General Lodge in Alaska, she came in and leaned against the counter.  Out of the dripping raincoat pocket, she pulled a wire necklace, a pendant with turquoise stones.  A few weeks later, it was beautiful, dangly bookmarks.  And then earrings.

Over time, her work has become exquisite.  One of a kind.  Beautifully and expertly crafted, and her contribution to ministry among the nations.  While Laura has had ample opportunity and much encouragement to open an Etsy shop, she instead decided that her heart was to have people sell the jewelry as fundraisers for their ministries.  Oh, how God has multiplied and blessed this heart.

What I have learned most from Laura, and I want to pass on to every busy mama and woman in every possible season of life is that GOD CAN USE YOU ANYTIME, WHEREVER YOU ARE.  All He desires is your heart.  Your willingness.  You don’t have to even leave your living room, you don’t have to travel to far foreign lands or do anything flashy or fancy.  A willing heart, a heart that worships Him, a heart that says “I want You, and I want to be part of what You are doing, here are my ‘loaves and fish'”. This is a heart that delights our Father!  Watching the way God has taken jewelry and multiplied ministry to many different countries through one simple woman, I am in awe.


That being said, Laura sent me down to the Lower 48 earlier this year with a massive box full of her jewelry.  She wanted to contribute to the ministry God has called me to in Costa Rica and Latin America.  I will be working to tell the stories of the other missionaries on the field who work with ReachGlobal Latin America, as well as documenting the work going on in various countries.  There will be times when I work as a media person with ReachGlobal’s Crisis Response team, and I will also have a ministry of teaching art to people who have been through trauma.  If you’d like to know more about my ministry, you can click here or here.

On November 12th, we will be having a jewelry party with hundreds of Laura’s one-of-a-kind pieces for sale.  Please come!  Please invite friends!  75% of all sales will go directly into my ministry fund with ReachGlobal to help me with the costs of moving down there.  There will be unique pieces that are perfect for Christmas gifts, and the timing is just right.  

Details: Saturday, November 12th, 2016

Location: Routh Residence, Edwards, CO (Please contact me for specific address) 

Time: 10:00am-Noon

The day after the event, if there is any jewelry left over, I will do an online auction, via Facebook.  Be sure to check back in with me and see if your favorite pieces have been claimed!

If you are not interested in buying jewelry, but would like to make a donation to my ministry fund, you can click the red “Donate Now” button on the right of the screen.

Here are a few previews of the pieces available, just a tiny sampling of the vast variety!  (All photography by yours truly)

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  • Reply Judy Topolinski October 11, 2016 at 10:32 am

    I love these! Can I order them by mail now or do I have to wait until you have your show?

    • Reply Kathryn October 11, 2016 at 12:08 pm

      You are about the 5th person to ask that, so maybe I’ll just list some online ahead of time! I’ll also be doing an online auction after the in-person party. Let me get back to you ASAP on that.

  • Reply Kacy Lou October 18, 2016 at 6:17 pm

    Her story still makes me a bit weepy in the best way. Well told, girlie.

    • Reply Rachel October 18, 2016 at 9:48 pm


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