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Here’s to You, Port Alsworth

May 22, 2016

Kathryn Bronn Port Alsworth

Here’s to you, Port Alsworth,

with your amazing cinnamon rolls and community comraderie,

with your wood-chopping competitions, weekly birthday singing in church, a post office where you are known by name, and always an open door.

Here’s to you, Port Alsworth,

a place known by reputation to be an oasis, a light in the spiritual darkness of this amazing state we call home,

a place that welcomes in the broken and weary traveler,

gives them a cup of coffee and a fire to sit by, and listens to the heart.

Thank you for being family, for being community, for being your quirky, unique, one-of-a-kind self.

Port Alsworth, I love your quiet woods and I’m sure I’ll miss the dirt in my hair after a plane lands and dusts me on the runway.

I’ll cherish the extra 10lbs I’m leaving with because all of the women make SUCH INCREDIBLE BAKED GOODS.

Thank you for teaching me how to survive and thrive and love Jesus more.  To burn trash, chop wood, process moose, and survive the long dark winters.

Thank you for letting me be part of your life–for letting me teach your children art, and letting me document your families as they grow and ministries as they thrive.

Thank you for being a place where everyone waves at everyone, where we know no strangers, where everyone is invited to take part.

I’ll miss the mail plane days, and grocery freight days, and the bear dogs working as our surveillance.  I’ll miss the piles of people on their Hondas, the bonfires across the lake, and the “only in Alaska” moments that seem to happen every day.

But really, Port Alsworth, I’ll just miss YOU.  I’ll miss your two runways nestled at the edge of the lake and the bottom of Tanalian.  You have been an oasis in my life, a place of respite and restoration, a place of hearing God more clearly than anywhere else on earth.  As I enter into the noise of “town” and travel and highways and Central America, you shall remain a cherished and rather sacred place in my heart.

You are family, you are a corner of this earth that I can forever call “home”.  You are unconventional, and sometimes delightfully red-necked, and I just love you.


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