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Why Don’t You Just Write About ONE Thing?

April 30, 2016

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This is a subject of inner turmoil sometimes.

This is the reason I start and stop and start and stop and start blogging again.  It’s these dang guidelines, expectations, things I was lectured on at great length in art school and business classes.  What is a blog supposed to be?

Every time I decide to just be about one thing, I immediately feel like I’m wearing a wool sweater that’s way too small while riding in a car in summer with a broken air conditioner.  Uncomfortable, claustrophobic, cramped.

Really, who in this world is one-sided?  Aren’t we all multi-faceted?  I start writing about missions and storytelling, and YES, that’s me! But then I write about stupid things I do, and that’s me too.  I read. A lot. And I like to hike.  And sing, lead worship, teach kids piano. And cook (but we already determined that I’m not great at photographing the meals).  It’s been a struggle for years.  What is my purpose in blogging?  Is it to further my business?  Haha, well not anymore, since we are just about to break up.  Is it to tell about my ministry work?  Well, partly, but I’m not living in Costa Rica just yet.  Is it to share art journal pages, or photos of my mom?

I don’t know…after all these years, I still can’t answer some of these questions.  All I know is that it’s liberating to JUST WRITE.  To just be multi-faceted ME.  To not worry about impressing or offending, but just be honest.  The blogs that I’ve enjoyed reading the longest have been just such types of women– honest, real, witty.  They don’t just stick to one subject, because life doesn’t actually play out that way!  I feel like a few of them are my friends, just telling me about their lives and children and the messes the dog made and the ways they are watching God move in the kingdom and the beautiful ways our stories are all woven together.

2015-03-14 09.41.50-1

So, I’m going to just continue on my merry way here.  I’ll write about ministry, about my journey.  About the books I’m reading and cool people I meet and stories I hear.  I’ll write about my awkward moments and embarrassing failures and travels, and always post photos because that makes my heart happy.  I’ll write about teaching art, and maybe even piano lessons, and art journaling and making messes all over the place.  And coffee.  Always coffee.



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  • Reply Karen June 9, 2016 at 7:50 am

    Not writing about just one thing is what will make your blog interesting to more people. I know that is not the advise most people give you when you read about blogging but it seems to work for me. Good luck with the blog as well as the new adventures that lie ahead.

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