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Inviting Others Into the Creative Mess

April 28, 2016

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Most days of the month, my bedroom floor has a drop cloth spread over it, paint bottles scattered about, baskets of art supplies stacked all over the place and multiple projects being worked on.

My very favorite person to invite into this mess is 11 years old, tiny and blonde and lives upstairs.  She knocks on my door, “Kathryn, can I come in too? Kathryn, what do you think I should do on this page?  Kathryn, can we work on my painting together?”

Yes, yes we can.  Because she inspires me, and teaches me so much.  I watch her make art, I watch her explore and try different things, and am constantly impressed by the creative path her mind takes her on.

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Over the past year, I have had all sorts of people work on art projects on my bedroom floor.  One middle school student who was so far beyond me in skill, I felt more like I was just making suggestions, and she drew some of the most intricate tangled illustrations I’ve ever seen.  Kacy gets in my room with her long long legs, and we have to rearrange all the art supplies around her, but she gets going in her art journal and there is no stopping her.  Anna was my first art journaling buddy, tearing things out of magazines with me. A few times, we’ve had most of the Wardells in my room making art all at once, and also watching “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”, and those are some of my favorite memories of the time spent there.

While art journaling can be very personal, it is also something that can invite community and friendship and a means of creative productivity into our lives.  Doing art with other people can be a way of bonding, much like having game nights or book club.  We find our common interests, we build ideas off of each other, we build up each other’s confidence.

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So, here, now, on this blog, I am inviting people into this mess.  I am inviting people into this world of art making, and a space that is a bit bigger than my bedroom floor.  I want to open up this space for people to share ideas and projects and accomplishments, and we can make it a place of building confidence and friendship.

Today, I am going to share some artwork I made this week.  I want you to share some too!  Will you?  Take  a photo on your phone and share it, or share a link to your blog or Instagram.  Let’s do this a few times a month, hey?

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