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Gathering Momentum :: April Updates

April 6, 2016

Kathryn Bronn

It’s spring!  It’s wonderful! Everything is coming back to life and it’s staying light outside until nearly 10pm again.  It’s difficult to not get giddy when things are so rapidly changing around me.

Here are the quick “life updates” and my news on travel and ReachGlobal:

  1. I leave Alaska next month!  Ah, it happened so quickly.  I also go to my first training with ReachGlobal early in May, in Minneapolis.  It will be a weeklong conference talking about my season of support raising, and giving good strategies to build partnerships with individuals and churches.  Basically, I’ll go for a week, come back here for 10 days, and then head out for good.  Taking one day at a time is a good coping strategy for that right now.
  2. The one question I’ve been asked numerous times is “Do you have a ‘leave date’ set yet for Costa Rica?”  The answer is NOPE to that.  I’ll be down in the Lower 48 until I reach 100% support, and then I can head out to the field.  The next several months are just up in the air, really, since I have no great idea of how long it will take to reach that goal.
  3. Speaking of goals, I have been given my initial budget that I need to raise. I am currently working on creating a presentation and a video for myself to be able to clearly share about the work I’ll be doing.  Let me tell you, I’ve been helping missionaries and ministries for nearly 5 years now do this very thing, and OHMYGOSH it’s super humbling to be on the other side of my camera!  I feel a whole new level of compassion and understanding for the people who are brave enough to get in front of my camera and share their stories.  I am also incredibly grateful for friends here in Port Alsworth who are insistent on helping me get going on this daunting task.
  4. With the knowledge that I’m leaving next month, several people have come forward and asked me to help them with projects before I go.  I currently have 6 video/documentary projects I’m working on (including my own) for some local missionaries and Tanalian Bible Camp, some senior portraits, and a few events coming up to photograph.  When it rains it pours, and you’ll find me out there rejoicing and jumping in the mud puddles.  Truly, it is such a wonderful experience to tell these stories and be a part of how God is moving and working in lives in Southwest Alaska.  Would you be praying for the ministries of TBC and these missionaries as they raise their own funds and awareness of the work they’re doing?
  5. I’ll be writing a blog series about art journaling and teaching art this month.  It was only 18 months ago that I really stumbled across art journaling, but it has transformed my life–not just as an artist, but in every area!  I have also seen it effect many in my community, and it has been one of my favorite things to pass on to people.  I’ll share my limited knowledge bit by bit over the month of April, and perhaps someone new will be inspired to start one!


Lastly, I do have a fund set up through ReachGlobal for my missions work.  I am greatly anticipating sitting down and sharing with people about the work, and sharing more specifically about the needs.  I am adding a “donate” button to the sidebar of my blog, and I would love if you would prayerfully consider partnering with me in Kingdom work in Costa Rica and Latin America. You can click below to make a donation if you so desire.



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