Comparison Kills

September 22, 2014

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Project for the week, or perhaps even a few weeks:
Take a break from social media.
Perhaps it’s not a creative endeavor. But perhaps it hinders them.  It surely wastes time, so so so much time.
You know what kills my drive, my excitement, my feelings of making something beautiful?
Seeing something even more beautiful, more exotic, more perfect on Pinterest. Or someone else’s perfect life on Facebook, or their friends and the things where I feel left out.
These things are not reality. No one has a perfect life.
I could ramble all day. But a week away from my apps, from my social media that actually hinders socialization, that make it more difficult to engage and be present in conversation and with the people I love and the work that is in front of me… yes, this is a good project.  Look up.

What shall I fill my time with instead?
Anna makes a list on New Year’s of her top 3 time wasters, so that they can be addressed during the year. What does one do with the extra time gained… 5 minutes here, an hour there, 10 minutes before bed?

Comparison kills.
What can I do to bring life where I am feeling death?

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  • Reply Jared Saul September 25, 2014 at 11:15 am

    Thanks for the post Kathryn. It is so true. Thanks for being real and for challenging each of us to live a more healthy and genuine life.

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