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My Inner Child Wanted to Play Air Guitar Too

September 17, 2014


“The soul is healed by being with children.”   –Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Being in touch with the inner child is necessary, and incredibly fun.  I was made the offer to help Patty Alsworth with the music classes in the elementary and high school, and this was the perfect opportunity to let “Little Katie” out for a few giggles.

As I sat in the back of the room and controlled the iTunes for the hour of elementary/middle school music, my inner child was begging to come out and join the children.  Step-touch-right-foot-step-touch-left-foot.  Air guitar added in there by the little guy on the end for special effect.  One-two-three-four-one-two-three-four, a kid in the middle adds his own interpretive dance movements with a few hip thrusts in there that my inner child is secretly taking notes at.  Lots of wiggling, incredible difficulty paying attention, giggles and faces made across the room.  Middle school boys in the back row trying to play it cool, while the kindergarten and first grade boys in the front added as many extra steps as possible with a few head tosses and step-kicks in my direction.

My inner child is actually a country singer.  And this is no secret.  She really likes Patsy Cline, and the idea of being up on a stage with lights and smoke and a cheering crowd and a microphone in hand, singing her heart out.  My inner child believes that Narnia is a real place, that a cup of hot chocolate with extra marshmallows can still fix a world of hurts, and that anytime is a good time for a kitchen dance party.  My inner child gets bored when she is supposed to ascribe to art critics and discuss the deep meaning of things, but finds depth and beauty and a great sense of excitement when the rain creates big puddles to splash in, and the prince rescues the damsel in distress.

I really like my inner child.  I think she and I should be better friends.  She is most definitely invited to music class.




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