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Cooking Up Some Love, and a Pie too.

September 11, 2014

2014-09-06 11.04.09 I wait and wait and wait to have something significant to write…something deep, poetic.  I read the blogs of others who have gone through similar processes as me, and I hear depth in their words.  In my desire to get things right, I know there is also an element of complicating that which is simple.  So, here I am.  With a simple thought, simple words, and a cup of coffee.

Having conscious thoughts about healing the creative self has also opened my eyes to the everyday tasks that can be creative expressions.

I had this wonderful little insight earlier in the week, standing in the kitchen at work, peeling potatoes and boiling noodles and chopping up onions for dinner.  Several times a week, I am now in charge of feeding a crew of about 15 men who are working to build the community a new school.  They eat their meals at The General, and for the winter I’ll be sharing the cooking duties with our chef.  This is something out of my ordinary, and a bit uncomfortable for me–having a time frame for dinner, and trying to estimate the right amount of food to make each time, and having someone other than my family comment on the food itself.  I am no chef… I just learned what my mom taught me in the kitchen, and what I gleaned from Jamie in 6 years of friendship.

Awhile ago, a cooking friend told me that people can tell if you put love into your food or not; you putting love into it makes the food taste good.  And if you cook halfheartedly, your food reflects that as well.

I considered that in my preparations.  How much more satisfying to feed these men foods that I love also, that I love to make for people, that I enjoy sharing?  How much more will they feel appreciated if I give them foods that comfort me? My thoughts then trailed off to the other work that I’ve done.  Can people tell when I put my love into my photography?  Can they tell when I put love into their latte?  Or the way I clean the house?  What about little design projects, or marketing for the ministries that I do?  Does the love show through?  I would assume it does.  I would assume that putting my heart into any work, project, hobby, or just everyday task makes the end product that much sweeter, regardless of its actual outcome.

I spent the rest of the week looking for ways to put love into the tasks I needed to do, and to be aware of that change in the outcome.  Love in the dishes, love in sweeping the kitchen at work. IMG_0461 My current project list:

Project for the month: I found a photo contest I’d like to enter, where the categories inspired an idea for me.  The terminology to describe “photojournalism” was to capture the everyday moments that other people might miss.  I thought, well I live in a PERFECT place for that.  Where else do you see the kinds of things that are everyday life here, but strange to those who are not from here?  And how strange is it how quickly the novelties become everyday and old hat.  So, my project for the month (finish by October 1) is to capture the everyday moments in Port Alsworth.  Things that you see here that you’d never see anywhere else.  This is exciting to me, and means that I need to be disciplined to carry my camera around a bit more often.

Project for the week: Tuning into my inner child (blog post to come on that one), and listening to ways to let her out for playdates.  This is both a rewarding and necessary practice for the creative…or shoot, for any adult who doesn’t want to shrivel up and become an old miser far too early.

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