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A Love Letter and the Cabin by the Lake

June 21, 2014


This month has brought on a lot of soul searching.  The word that has resonated with my life for this “season” is Restoration. Myself and others.  Whoever desires it.

I have this special journal, I call it the “Yellow Journal” (I know, very creative name).  Several years ago, when I was first learning to listen for the voice and direction of God, I was reading an old devotional called “Come Away, My Beloved”.  I know a more recent and popular book is “Jesus Calling”, and they are written in similar styles, but the former has a very special place.  In this, I inadvertently learned to write down the things I heard from my Father in the format of a letter.  The Yellow Journal goes back nearly 5 years now, and serves as an incredible encouragement to me.  When I feel like I am floundering or a bit lost, I can look back and see that He has been ever present and encouraging in every situation.  When I am surrounded by people who think I am completely crazy for saying I hear God speak to me, I can have complete confidence in my heart.

Very rarely do I actually share what I’ve written down.  Sometimes, I’ll read a bit of the Journal to a close friend or two who is praying with me.  You can see why I want to explain myself before just putting this out there.

This is a letter written over 3 years ago, but I have returned to it this week and it has been incredibly encouraging.  I decided it was time to share, and just hope that someone else is lifted up as well:



You are searching for stability in the midst of change– someone who will come and stay, one who will not leave you.  One who will not change or grow apart from you as the seasons change.  You will not find it in family, friend or man; you will only find it in Me.

Nothing in your life will remain constant. Life is ever changing. It is just that. The seasons will change, regardless of resistance, the rivers will always flow and move. People will continue to grow and pass, come and go, friendships will ebb and flow, life is but a vapor.

There is but one place you can go, one Rock to cling to, one safe place for your soul as life continues on.  It is Me.  It is only Me. Do not waste your days searching and hoping for something in a person or place that you can only find in Me.

I am your Rock, your stable ground, the Roots which you grow from.

I am your Shelter, your Home, the big arms that hold you when you are lonely or cold, the One who rejoices over you with singing.  I am your Father, your Shepherd, your Best Friend, the Lover of your soul, your Assurance.



“As for man, his days are like grass;

as a flower of the field, so he flourishes.

For the wind passes over it and it is gone,

and its place remembers it no more.

But the mercy of the Lord is from everlasting to everlasting on those who fear Him,

and His righteousness to children’s children. ”

Psalm 103:15&16

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(I also thought you’d enjoy a few photos from the little red cabin in the woods.  Everything shot on my very favorite 24mm tilt shift lens)


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