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24mm, California, and Molly

April 14, 2014


Let’s start with Molly.

My go to girl for the past 13 years for good music, books, creative discussions, spiritual depth, and silly moments of being hopelessly romantic girls.  She’s Anne, I’m Diana.  I have not gotten to spend more than a day or two with her at a time since I moved to Colorado 6 years ago.  It is such a wonderful thing to relearn a friend, to truly get to see the current things in their life, and to continue to walk with them.  I am incredibly grateful that our friendship has lasted far beyond high school, withstood about 15 moves (mostly mine), pretty much every continent, some dumb guys, and other necessary transitions that life brings.  I am grateful to walk with her, and that she can walk with me in creative healing, both as artists and as women who have been wounded.

During our trip, Molly said something that was significant to me, and I have just let it roll around in my mind for several days.  We were talking about how I had said in one of my blog posts that I leave pieces of my heart around the world.  Instead of that picture, she said she thinks that I take pieces of the world with me, and let them accumulate in my heart.  Instead of leaving a piece of me everywhere, I gather pieces up, and in time, they become part of who I am.  I love that image– that I have California, Colorado, Georgia, Thailand, New Zealand, Spain, Brazil, Alaska, Rwanda, France… I’ve got all of those within me.  It makes me feel less desperate to be everywhere at once, and more grateful to have the privelege of that sort of fullness.

Molly and I traveled down the coast, starting in Sacramento.  Davis, Napa, San Francisco.  Down Highway 1, along some of the most stunning scenery in this world, Santa Cruz, Carmel-by-the-Sea, Morro Bay.  And then making our way to SoCal, through Solvang, Santa Barbara, Ojai, Long Beach.  5 days of talking, singing VERY loudly to the soundtracks we had each made, dreaming, processing, healing, planning, being ridiculous, and eating obscene amounts of incredible food.  Oh, and a few of the places we stayed were most definitely honeymoon spots, and Molly chose to embrace it far more than I did 🙂

I think everyone needs their version of a “Molly”.  A kindred spirit, a soul sister.

Bronn_0001 Bronn_0002 Bronn_0005 Bronn_0008 Bronn_0010 Bronn_0013 Bronn_0014 Bronn_0017 Bronn_0019 Bronn_0021

The lens I used for the entire road trip was my 24mm tilt shift lens.  I usually just use it for architecture, or when I need a wide angle lens.  As I feel like I am waking back up, I wanted to use an artistic discipline to make beautiful images.  I shot everything at a wide aperture with the lens tilted and shifted, which distorted the images somewhat.  In addition to the distortion, this technique also makes large things look like toys, and other objects look isolated.  One side of the image will be blurred, as well as distorted, which I find very visually pleasing.

Bronn_0023 Bronn_0024 Bronn_0025 Bronn_0026 Bronn_0027 Bronn_0028 Bronn_0029 Bronn_0030 Bronn_0031 Bronn_0033 Bronn_0034 Bronn_0035 Bronn_0037 Bronn_0038 Bronn_0041 Bronn_0043 Bronn_0042 Bronn_0044 Bronn_0045 Bronn_0046 Bronn_0047 Bronn_0048 Bronn_0049 Bronn_0050 Bronn_0051 Bronn_0053 Bronn_0054 Bronn_0055 Bronn_0056 Bronn_0059 Bronn_0060 Bronn_0062 Bronn_0063 Bronn_0067 Bronn_0068 Bronn_0070 Bronn_0071 Bronn_0072 Bronn_0074 Bronn_0075 Bronn_0078 Bronn_0080 Bronn_0081 Bronn_0083 Bronn_0084 Bronn_0085 Bronn_0087 Bronn_0088 Bronn_0089 Bronn_0090 Bronn_0091 Bronn_0092 Bronn_0093 Bronn_0095 Bronn_0096 Bronn_0100 Bronn_0101 Bronn_0098 Bronn_0103 Bronn_0104 Bronn_0105 Bronn_0106 Bronn_0109 Bronn_0111 Bronn_0112 Bronn_0113 Bronn_0116 Bronn_0118 Bronn_0119 Bronn_0120 Bronn_0122 Bronn_0124 Bronn_0126 Bronn_0127 Bronn_0128 Bronn_0130 Bronn_0131 Bronn_0132 Bronn_0133 Bronn_0134 Bronn_0136 Bronn_0138 Bronn_0140

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  • Reply Molly April 14, 2014 at 2:53 pm

    Happy to see a couple of the pictures I took passed muster. Can we please do this again? Maybe next week?

  • Reply Nathaniel April 15, 2014 at 12:38 pm

    Molly’s hair really does take on a life of its own.

  • Reply PNolasco April 15, 2014 at 9:02 pm

    Looks like you gals had a great tyme….and yes, Molly’s hair is fabulous…I love it long like that, plus I see that Miss Molly is lovin her new purple scarf..nice.
    Glad to see so many smiles and good tymes for this enriching trip.
    Lov ya both, mom

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