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April 5, 2014

Port Alsworth seems to have an unnatural number of incredibly cute children.  Like, I wonder if it is a conspiracy?

I was thinking, in the midst of all these serious posts from me, how about something that is just plain cute?  Here’s some babies. They are fabulous.  Oh, and I LOVE how the salmon, trout, and shark make it into most of these photos.  I think the salmon deserves a blog post of his own.

Bronn_0001 Bronn_0002 Bronn_0003

Bronn_0004 Bronn_0005 Bronn_0006

This is the closest thing I have gotten to a “behind the scenes” shot, maybe ever.  But I do think it’s worthwhile to see what (or who) these sweet babies are smiling at.  Sophia was a fabulous assistant, and these babies just adore her.

Bronn_0007 Bronn_0008 Bronn_0009 Bronn_0010 Bronn_0011 Bronn_0012 Bronn_0013 Bronn_0014 Bronn_0016 Bronn_0017 Bronn_0018 Bronn_0019 Bronn_0020 Bronn_0021

I love how Eliab looks skeptical of me, and then settles into the sweetest little smile.  Every time I see the second photo, I just want to squeeze him.  Julie, can I? Bronn_0022 Bronn_0023 Bronn_0024 Bronn_0025 Bronn_0026 Bronn_0027 Bronn_0028 Bronn_0029 Bronn_0030 Bronn_0031 Bronn_0032 Bronn_0033 Bronn_0034 Bronn_0035 Bronn_0036

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