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Nostalgia and Moving On

March 18, 2014


Sitting in the Minneapolis airport, waiting to get to Anchorage.  I am sitting, tucked away in a little corner of the airport, coffee in hand, watching the snow blow wildly around outside.  And I am listening to Patsy Cline.

Patsy Cline goes deep with my memories.  I am brought back to another time by listening to her voice—to some of my earliest childhood memories.  Our kitchen in Garden Grove, California, with the flowered wallpaper characteristic of the late 80’s.  Of my mom standing in her cotton sundress at the kitchen sink, singing along to Patsy with her characteristic vibrato.  To me, it is a happy, sunny, peaceful impression.  A wisp of a memory, brought back by a voice singing “Crazy”.

You know what is nice about a moment of nostalgia?  It brings you back to the pleasant things.  I know that my childhood had many difficulties woven into it.  I know that my mom has faced a million impossibilities and heartbreaks in her life.  Yet, when I think back on her, I have the pleasant, peaceful memory of singing “Walking After Midnight” with her in the kitchen.

There comes a time in each season of life where you just have to stand up, dust yourself off and keep walking.  Years later, the memories that remain will hopefully be the sweet ones.  So, in the midst of my sweet moment, here is some Patsy for you.  I am ready to get up and keep going.




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  • Reply panolasco March 18, 2014 at 9:52 pm

    Singing along with Patsy will do anyone wonders…better than tears while peeling potatoes even…as suggested by my very wonderful gramma as a manner of dealing with stress.
    We all have times when it is time to pull up your boots..step over the crappy situation, trust that God always has our back and look forward to His next portion of life that He is going to use for His glory.
    Another stress reliever is always a good tree trim….or mow your neighbors lawn….lov ya

  • Reply Rebekah March 18, 2014 at 9:58 pm

    This is so true! I have similar good memories of patsy cline, only it was rocking out with y dad in his big truck on the way home from the ranch:) thanks for bringing those memories back:)

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