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Beautiful Faces

January 31, 2014

Writing from my bed in Vail, surrounded by 30 inches of fresh snow… not at all where I intended to blog from next, but oh well.  I am learning to take life as it comes, changes in plans, directions, adventures… who knows what is next.  And thank you for bearing with my vagueness, it is very kind and helpful to not answer any questions just yet.

In my 45 hours of travel to get home, I looked through the more recent photos I have taken of the children, the neighbors, and anyone who would hold still for my camera.  And I just breathed, and prayed for them.  I am back in Colorado, surrounded and overwhelmed by love.  I have also left a very big piece of my heart in Kigali.  So, here are a few of the faces that I have gotten to see every day for the past few weeks.  They are beautiful.


This is one of the random children that would stop by the studio door to say hi in the afternoon, but not one of our students.  They liked posing for pictures.


Sustain made me laugh every single day.  I love how he was getting a lesson on the sewing machine from his mama.

Bronn_0004 Bronn_0005 Bronn_0006 Bronn_0007 Bronn_0008

I ended up with several very good photos of me, just from letting the kids play a bit with my camera (only the older kids).


Another passerby.  They aren’t sad, they just get super serious when the camera comes out, it’s actually rather humorous.


Hamis, one of my Kinyarwanda tutors.  Such a good guy.


I love that they learned how to properly stand like photographers.  Good job, Joshua.

Bronn_0012 Bronn_0013

This is me having a stomach ache at the studio, but something about the photo was appealing to me.  I’ll keep it.


From our studio lighting day– this is called “lighting for form”, and the kids were pretty crazy about it.  Joshua was also a very willing model.


I got my chance to model too, and Odila did a great job!


This little face delights me.  Marlo, such a sweetie.  She did not like how her hair looked this day, which is why she insisted on the head scarf.  I thought the little braids were cute, but eh, girls will be girls.

Bronn_0017 Bronn_0018 Bronn_0019 Bronn_0020 Bronn_0021 Bronn_0022

Even Mama Joshua was a willing model for me:

Bronn_0023 Bronn_0024

And one of the neighbor ladies with her baby.

Bronn_0025 Bronn_0026 Bronn_0027

Odila, my beautiful, sweet girl.  Oh, what a gem this one is.

Bronn_0028 Bronn_0029

Prossy, just lovely 🙂

Bronn_0031 Bronn_0032 Bronn_0033

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  • Reply PNolasco January 31, 2014 at 5:41 pm

    Thank you, I always love looking through your eye…lense eye that is.

  • Reply Susie Huxford February 1, 2014 at 9:06 am

    Awesome! Love them all!

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