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Paris, Je t’aime {Part 2}

January 9, 2014

So, before I jump into my raptures over Kigali, here is the last bit of Paris I have for you.  FOOD!  A blog post specifically for Jamie 🙂

Top 10 Foodie things (since eating is what I did with a good portion of my time):


10. Churros are called ChiChi’s and they eat them with Nutella, which I personally think is overkill, but whatever.  I ate 2, and nearly became a diabetic on the spot.  Actually, Nutella is eaten on everything.  The cafes keep it in their windows, big half gallon jars of it.

9. Bread goes with everything, in everything, and on everything.  You even eat bread with crepes.

8. I love the little food shop names– Boulangerie, Pattisserie, Sandwicherie, Creperie… etc.  At least you knew exactly what you were getting!

7. Champagne tastes better in France. It is a scientific fact.

6. French onion soup is also more delicious in France.  Who knew.

5. Oh. My. Freaking. Goodness. Cheese.  That’s all.

4. I could walk into any tiny local bakery and find the most amazing creations.  I had no idea what I was eating most of the time, but it was delicious!

3. Croissants

2. Croissants

1. Croissants



(This was a ham and cheese crepe.  The crepe is down there somewhere…)

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