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Bonne Année (a few days late)

January 5, 2014

Last year, I nicknamed 2013 as “the year of courage”, and made a list of everything that frightened me.  I faced as many of my fears as possible, and have experienced much freedom because of that.  This year, I want to nickname 2014 “Dare me to fail”.

Paris.  You probably want to hear about Paris.  I have been wandering the streets for 5 days now.  I have seen almost every major monument that every visitor is supposed to see, and many of the things on the lists you all gave me.  And since I am traveling alone, there is a lot of time to think during all my walking.  I sat in mass at Notre Dame, have people watched at the gardens of Tuliere, went on a river cruise along the Siene.  I have had many interactions with people, some good, some bad.  I have learned much about myself in these 5 days, and feel like my world at home is a million miles away.  In my thinking, I have tried to remain as present as possible– drink it all in, enjoy the moment.  But I have also taken some time to dream about the year, and to consider where I am at.

I am more terrified than ever this year.  Fear is a great motivator, though, isn’t it?  I can either succeed, or I can fail.  But not trying means a life of regret, and that is one thing I am completely unwilling to settle for.  The things I have been dreaming about are big.  Impossible. Ridiculous.  Most people would say “Yeah, but…” to my dreams.  This is where I say, “Oh yeah? Dare me.”


Before leaving on my trip, I made a decision.  I decided that I would never hold back from doing something if fear was the reasoning, either mine or someone else’s for me.  As I have been here, some of those fears have come face to face with me.  A bit of loneliness has accompanied me. A few sketchy situations (I’m fine, Mom, don’t freak out).  I have to make the decision every day now, do I carry on as I have determined I would?  Do I walk forward, learning from mistakes, taking experiences as my souveniers and sights as my treasures?  Or do I give up, and return to the safe, the familiar, the easy?

This year’s goals include a whole lot of travel, several road trips, a few half marathons, working with my wonderful clients, following some new business ventures, and growing as an artist and storyteller.  Of course, they are far more specific than that, but I won’t bore you with details.  I will only specify that the dreams and goals are far beyond my comfort zone, and what I think I am capable of.  They are way beyond my financial capabilities, and to most would look completely ridiculous.  So this is where I say, “Oh yeah? DARE ME.”  Someone dare me to fail.

And now, a few of my favorite Paris moments.   I think I will write a whole post on that as I am leaving, since this is just a small fraction of photos:

Sunrise along the Siene.  It was actually like 8:30am, nothing crazy early.


Sitting in Notre Dame and staring at the ceiling.  It is a bit awe-inspiring.


Strolling along streets as they look like this:


Coming across this apartment building in the middle of the city, and the adorable old man who lived there:


Lots of cafe au lait.  Although the milk here tastes funny… I remember the milk in Spain tasted funny too.  Eh, who knows?  Latin cows?


Lot’s of journaling. In random parks.  It’s wonderful.


Sacre Couer at night.  Oh. Wow. I am going back there tonight, because one visit was not enough.


Taking selfies in the apartments of Napolean I.  Because that’s a classy thing to do.


Letting my jaw drop just a bit at how ornate every room was in his apartment.  And then realizing that all this space was hardly even a fraction of the entire palace.



Until later,


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  • Reply Sara January 5, 2014 at 8:32 am

    I follow you on FB and when I saw your trip itinerary I was jealous, for one, but then a flurry of questions entered my mind. Cost? Income while gone? Safety? Alone? But as your post just states, that’s fear and you’re hitting it head on and I commend you for that! I need to learn to not avoid things that I fear. My life would feel fulfilled way more than it is now, especially in terms of a career. Look forward to your posts and beautiful photos! Be well!

  • Reply Molly January 7, 2014 at 12:08 am

    Selfie in Napoleon’s apartments? He would thoroughly approve.

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