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Travel :: I’m Coming for You, Paris

December 30, 2013


Tonight, I fly to Paris. I go like an empty cup, waiting to be filled.  A sponge, ready to soak it all in.  Beyond excited to see all the things in person that I have studied in my art history and music history books for years.  I speak no French, but can sing a bit of French opera… so if that is helpful in ordering a croissant and coffee, then I’m all set.

So, whenever I get on an airplane, I get this sudden craving to listen to the soundtrack to Les Miserables (Broadway cast, not movie cast).  It’s good for me going to Paris, I’ll probably wander the streets at night belting out “On My Own”.  It’s not so good that the craving comes when I’m on an airplane, stuck in between two strangers, holding back the urges to sing “One Day More” and “Red and Black”.  I cannot hold back the tears during the finale song, and end up crying like a fool in a totally inappropriate setting… ahem.  What a strange individual I am. But I digress.  Paris, here I come.

The photograph above is incredibly special to me.  One of my besties created it– Travis freaking Zielinski, the oh so amazing photographer, digital artist, criminal mastermind, and imaginative genius.  I asked for an illustration that represented my travels, and somehow wanted to include a vintage suitcase.  He created this out of a composite of 9 (?) images.  You should go read about his creative process for this here.  Thank you friend!

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