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Apparently, I suck at Tetris.

December 19, 2013

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So, tomorrow is moving day.  My apartment has been reduced to stacks of boxes. Because I am so smart and packed my clothes days ago, I can hardly find a thing to wear.  Literally.  I made coffee for myself before realizing that I’ve already packed my coffee mugs. Disorder is a major stress factor for me, and all I really want to do right now is sit in my bathtub.  Actually, I think I’ve taken about 12 baths this week just to help me cope with packing.

It seems like I have always been surrounded by those people who have a knack for arranging things, packing boxes, getting more to fit in a suitcase or a car trunk or the dishwasher than you thought possible.  I DO NOT have that gift.  At all.  My mother, my old roomies, anyone whose house I have ever been to for dinner and offered to do the dishes afterward… you all know this!  I remember Jenny packing up my Saturn when I moved out of my mother’s house in California years ago.  She unpacked everything I had done, and redid it.  Jamie (the old roomie) used to unload the dishwasher and reload it after I finished the dishes.  Jose (stepdad) packed my book boxes for me this time around and I was completely dumbfounded.  I even remember when Lane (the nephew) was about 3 or 4, he came up to me and said “Auntie, did you know that you are the WORST dishwasher loader in the whole world?”  It’s like I’m surrounded with people who are naturally gifted at Tetris.  The world to them is a game of Tetris, and everything fits in it’s own nook or cranny.  Me?  Not even slightly.


SO, packing stresses me out.  I am wrapping up dishes and trying to throw things in boxes with some sort of order, but it’s just a mess.  I’ll be relieved tomorrow when it is all securely in storage (neatly arranged and stacked according to the color of my Rubbermaid tubs by my OCD father, I’m sure).  Jamie is borrowing my vacuum, Sara my cowboy boots, Jason my desktop computer, Mariah a scarf and belt and other small items that she finds laying around or claims from my Goodwill pile… Oh, and Mariah is on some sort of mission to finish off all my leftovers.  How does such a small person eat that much salsa??

Yesterday I was stressing while packing, so Mariah brought me a burrito from the burrito lady on the corner and ran errands with me.  We also took a break and walked over to the Denver Art Museum to see the new exhibit “Passport to Paris”.  I am adamant about not being one of “those people” who just walks up to the Monet or Manet or VanGogh and takes a cell phone picture without actually looking at the work, so I have no photos of the beautiful paintings we saw.  We did take a bunch of pictures of each other though, drinking coffee and drawing in the studio (I still draw aliens)… which was nice comic relief in its own way.  I am so thankful for friends who help me cope with changes and my first world problems!

KathrynBronn_009 KathrynBronn_010 KathrynBronn_007 KathrynBronn_006 KathrynBronn_005 KathrynBronn_004 KathrynBronn_008

I am also thankful for Jason who came over the other day and did his baking– he also left me with some banana chocolate chip bread and a pan of brownies.  And for Lenn who let me bring my big teddy bear over to his place with Mariah and we watched movies (can anyone say “Charlie Brown Christmas”?)



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