Extra Family

December 12, 2013


So, my mama arrives today, and then a whole tribe of my family members tomorrow.  I am excited to introduce them to a lot of the friends I have made over the past 2.5 years here in Denver.  I am also thinking how grateful I am for some of the women who have stepped up and played a huge role in my life lately.  Above is a photo of my friend Cheri and I, at the Denver Street School’s Thanksgiving dinner.  Cheri has become a mentor to me in these past months, not only in the photography and film industry, but as a woman in ministry and just as a friend.  There was a time when I was just feeling exhausted and beat down, and she took me out to lunch, bought me a cup of tea, and just let me ramble on for an hour.  I am grateful for that!  And I am grateful for women who play the role of big “sisters” and mamas and aunties to me– it is good to know that with my family far away, there are still people I can call on for support, affection, and just a whole lot of love.

I am excited to introduce my real mama to all the wonderful ladies who have stepped into my life recently.  Thank you Amanda, Cheri, Sherry, Kacy– from the Street School.  And all my big sisters, who are so wonderfully protective, they more than make up for the fact that I don’t see my own sister.  Jamie, Jen, Brookie, Erin, Kelly, Alyssa (yes, I realize a few of these are younger than me).  And the mamas– Donna Cortese, Kim Heidemann, Paigey… I could go on and on.  Life is full.


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