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A Year of Corteses

December 10, 2013

Well, after a morning of some good laughs and competition over Klout scores, accompanied by the Buena Vista Roastery, hot tea, and some delish baked thingy with bacon on top… I’m ready to resign myself to some melancholy Christmas music (thank you Sarah McLaughlin) and blog time.  Sitting here in my big, old man extra large flannel shirt and staring out the window at the freezing wind blowing the snow off the peak of Mt. Princeton… it’s a good day.  A good day to be inside, that is.

I’ve gotten to spend the weekend in Buena Vista with some of my very favorite people.  It’s so nice having a place to retreat to, recharge, and get rested.  Plus, I have such a fun time playing Auntie.  Brookie enjoys all the photos she gets of her children, so it’s a win win.  And then there’s the fact that I get woken up by the pitter patter of little feet in the morning– they stop about 5 feet from my head where I lay on the couch, and look mischeivously at me and ask “Kaffine?”  And then he climbs up into my sleeping bag with me and cuddles. Oh, there are worse ways to wake up than having a toddler crawl up on me and give me kisses.  Just lovely, I tell you.

So, after all this rambling, I think I’ll go ahead and share some of my favorite Cortese photos from this year.  Two little men in a very short period of time makes for one busy photographer!


These are from Adriel’s first birthday… 6 months ago.  Ahem.

KathrynBronnAdriel1 KathrynBronnAdriel2


And Truitt when he was just a newbie— he didn’t stay small for very long!

Bronn_0009 Bronn_0008 Bronn_0012 Bronn_0010


Not to mention all the iPhone photos… I am such a proud Auntie to have taught Adriel how to say “Selfie”.  He actually picked up my phone yesterday, opened up Facebook and said “Selfie, Kaffine!”  Yep.  That’s my big contribution to his life.




And of course, my very favorite photos of the year, the ones I just took this weekend.  I love watching them grow!  Truitt is huge and healthy, Adriel is so spunky and hilarious.  Love love love them.


Bronn_0021 Bronn_0020


Cortese Family Christmas


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