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December 3, 2013

So, my therapist told me that I needed to stop listening to country music.  Well, actually she told me no sad music.  Or love songs.  So… there goes my favorite/most depressing genre.

However, with so many exciting life changes at my very doorstep now, I have decided that I need a little variety in my music anyway.  I made myself a “Travel Playlist” a few days ago, and realized that this is the same music I have been listening to for years (with all the country subtracted out of it).  I have my “comfort music”, as we all do, I think.  Those few albums I turn to at different times– when I need to dance around the kitchen like a fool, when I need to feel free and hang my arm out the window on a road trip.

I asked some of my favorite people to make me their own versions of travel playlists.  Roadtrip music, and things that motivate, inspire, and excite them.  I’ll share as they come my way, and I’m expecting some good variety… my friends are a good variety in and of themselves.

Here’s my own list, for starters, and I even looked up a few new songs!  I love looking at it in order, there is not a whole lot of sense in putting a few of these together.  A bit random.  Like the way my brain works.  Just right. My absolute favorite on the list at the current moment is #7.  And since I’m really liking posting videos in my blog posts, I’ll add it at the bottom.

1. Something Beautiful — Needtobreathe

2. Flood Waters– Josh Garrels

3. Pilot Me– Josh Garrels

4. Brave– Sara Bareilles

5. Roar– Katy Perry

6. Far Far — Yael Naim

7. Carry On– Fun.

8. Awake My Soul– Mumford and Sons

9. Drive all Night– Needtobreathe

10. The Reckoning– Needtobreathe

11. Home– Philip Phillips

12. Farther Along– Josh Garrels



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