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Blue Collar History Lessons {Part 2}

December 2, 2013

As a continuation from yesterday…


The rest of the project was shot in various places around Colorado, not in Julesburg.

This man is actually my Grandpa John.  Oh, where to start on the life lessons I’ve learned from him.  When I was little, Grandpa would take my sister and I for hikes on the East Lake Creek trail, up near Vail.  He would tell us stories about the people who used to live in the area, and teach us how the life of the forest worked.  Oh, and Oreos were an essential part of these hikes.  As I grew up, I got to enjoy these times during the summers, although I lived in California most of the time.  Grandpa has always been active in the grandkids’ lives, coaching baseball, going to all the games, bringing us to museums… as the most avid history buff I’ve ever known, it seemed only proper to include him in my project.  Of course, this is not farming or ranching, but there is definitely a place for fishing–

KathrynBronn_004-2 KathrynBronn_003-2 KathrynBronn_005-2

This man is Everett Heidemann, also known as “Pop Pop”.  He is my friend Brookie’s grandfather, and quite possibly the distant cousin of Red Heidemann (from yesterday).  Last time I tried to talk with him on the phone, he could hardly hear me because he was out chasing cattle, and the time before that he was out on a dig (construction).  Seriously, this man is 84 (or is it 87?) but still seems like he’s 30.  The legacy he leaves is one that he ought to be proud of. I photographed him in the spring with Adriel, his great-grandson, who is Brooke’s oldest son (to whom I am “Auntie Kathryn).


And lastly, the young guy of the group, Arnie.  He is an old family friend, although one that I was only recently introduced to.  Arnie and his wife run Red Feather Outfitters in northern Colorado, out near Waldon.  I didn’t get to talk a whole lot with Arnie himself during my visit, but I do remember my stay as one that was incredibly refreshing and quiet, which is always nice coming from living downtown in a city.

KathrynBronn_007-2 KathrynBronn_006-2KathrynBronn_008-2

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