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June 24, 2013



This is a baby beaver, named Grace, eating out of a syringe.  She stopped over at the Wardell’s house this afternoon on her way to a wildlife refuge in Anchorage, and all the neighbors enjoyed taking turns holding her.  Just like a puppy, if you ask me!  Enjoy some major cuteness:

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Here is the little story about Grace (as borrowed off of Meredith Pryor’s Facebook page):

We have been keeping a bit of a secret..Eddie and I have had a house guest for the last week, her name is Grace, and she is a baby beaver! Check out our pics of her, she has been so much fun to have. We rescued her after she was desperate enough to approach us at the mouth of the Kijik River. She was alone, tired and scared. So we brought her home with us and were able to feed her and get her strength up. We contacted several places in Alaska including the Anchorage zoo and several other wildlife conservation centers and refuges. With the help of Jon Bush contacting the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Centers owner, we found her a new home! She left on a plane this morning to settle into her new home, just south of Anchorage. We have had so much fun with her, she is so sweet and has grown to love us back. We had a hard time saying goodbye today, but will always remember our experience with her fondly! God blessed us though her and her through us, just goes to prove that even the smallest of God’s creatures is worth loving and saving.

And a little “family photo” I took of Meredith and Eddie:


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