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Simple Life Photography :: Alli & Topher, Married!

June 5, 2013


Alli and Topher dated back in high school, and were quite in love then.  However, life took them different directions for awhile, and they parted ways.  But what is meant to be will be, and a few years later, Topher found out that Alli worked at Hobby Lobby.  As I’ve heard the story, he would go there frequently to “look for paints”, hoping to run into this beautiful girl.  Well, eventually his plan worked, and a lunch date turned into a 7 hour conversation.  Not too long later, and here they are, husband and wife.

Bronn_4 Bronn_5 Bronn_7 Bronn_9 Bronn_10 Bronn_11 Bronn_13 Bronn_22

During his toast, the best man commented on the fact that of the two of them, Topher was the taller, more romantic brother, and the best dancer.  Watching these two for their first dance, I believe him!

Bronn_24 Bronn_26

How adorable is this little guy in his bowtie?  Love it!


And I must say, this is a jumping picture done right.  One of the groomsmen wanted to backflip off the wall.  To whoever his wife is, you’re welcome.  I was the voice of reason.

Bronn_39 Bronn_36 Bronn_42 Bronn_44 Bronn_49 Bronn_46 Bronn_62 Bronn_64 Bronn_66 Bronn_69 Bronn_72 Bronn_73 Bronn_77


Congratulations to Alli and Topher!

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