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Rwanda, Roller Derby, and Phil Collins.

June 4, 2013

Yes, all three of those.

I’m going to Rwanda in January for about a month.  Molly heard about this artist residency with an organization called Through the Eyes of Hope, and encouraged me to apply.  Next thing I know, I’m looking for plane tickets for the beginning of next year!  I’ll be doing an art project with the students for my time there, as well as a few smaller things.  Video will be included, lot’s of photos, a mural, and some cyanotypes.

Here’s a little video that I’m borrowing from their website, telling a bit about the idea behind the organization:

Yesterday morning, I got to Skype with Linda (the founder of TEOH), and several of her students.  I learned that they have 5,000 students who go to their school, but there’s only a handful who come to the studio after class.  They like roller skating (roller derby?), and Phil Collins.  I’m guessing that those two things are influenced by Linda.  Hilarious to me.  Of course, being the sheltered 90’s kid that I was, this is the first thing that pops into my mind when I hear his name:


Apparently, there is only one pair of roller skates that everyone shares.  It would be fun to see if I could stuff another pair or two in my suitcase when it’s time to go.

I highly encourage you to go check out Linda’s work with the kids in Rwanda.  I’m already inspired by this woman, and it’s still a good 6+ months before I meet her and the kids.  I’m so excited!


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