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Not All Cowboys Drive Trucks

June 3, 2013

Not all cowboys drive trucks


Dave Belke.  He’s a real-life version of Clint Eastwood, with some humor added, and more history lessons than even the best teacher you’ve ever had.  It was an honor to spend the weekend with him, being educated on life in the country.  This man went out of his way to introduce me to his good old friends, drive me around Colorado and Nebraska, and even schlep some camera gear and lights for me.


Dave drives a ’36 Ford Coupe.  He lives in a barn that he restored with his own two hands.  He loaned me his pistol for the weekend, just to keep me safe.  He has amazing stories of the time he spent with a beloved horse named Pony, riding all over the county.  The Pony Express is still a thing, and this guy used to ride in it!  His life is lived in service to his neighbors, always available to help anyone in need.  He taught me that you should always let the cowboy make the bacon for breakfast.  And he is willing to sit and “visit” with anyone who is honest, has a good story, and some black coffee.  I think I learned more about life in the 3 days I was around him than I have in many years combined.

Bronn_3 Bronn_4 Bronn_8 Bronn_10 Bronn_6 Bronn_5

I cannot wait to get out and visit with Dave again.


Also, I’d like to say a special hello to the kids in Rwanda today!  I hope you like my cowboy photos! Look for some more soon, I’ve got a few other people to post about.

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