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New York, New York

April 19, 2013



I know… I’ve been home over a week. Everyone was posting their photos on Facebook as we were there.  New York is SO a thing of the past now.

But I’m a slow processor sometimes!  And Manhattan was a lot to process!

So, here’s some of my favorite photos from the trip.  Most of them were taken on my cell phone, because after a few days of walking 10+ miles, I was looking for any way to lighten my purse.  Note to self for next NY trip: get a point and shoot.  Or a little Lomo camera, or something!  That DSLR was heavy.

Above is a photo of my very first train ride.  I was excited like a 5 year old, but way calmer.  But yes, I did have a random stranger at the train station take my photo.  For mom, you know.


So, I tried really hard to not take too many photos of the artwork.  I think it’s much better to actually enjoy the entire room of Monet than to just photograph it.  But then… I did it anyway.  After sitting and taking it in for awhile.  This was probably my favorite part of MoMA.  Love Monet.

001 002

Oh, and something I thought was hilarious… everyone was crowded around VanGogh’s Starry Night, taking photos of it.  No one seemed to notice the random child on the floor with his butt hanging out.  And I mean, pants hardly on.  The lady standing over him didn’t even know he was there… that’s not his mother, I’m pretty certain.003 004

One of my favorite parts of the entire NY trip was seeing all the pieces I’ve studied in class.  It was so wonderful to see the real prints of the hundreds of artists we’ve discussed, critiqued, studied… I saw photographs that I’ve written papers on, seen on projectors, online, in a book.  It’s such a different experience in real life.  I thanked Tom Finke about 50 times for making us review our artists for the weeks leading up to the trip.  The photograph below is an iconic Bill Brandt image.


Of course I had to get my photo with the girl who is always the life of the party…

006 007

Battery Park, and a ferry ride to Staten Island.  Ellis Island was closed with construction, so we only got to see the Statue of Liberty from a distance.

008 009 010

Grand Central Station:


I stuck with this guy for most of the trip. Because he’s awesome.  And he puts up with more of my nonsense and shenanigans than most would be willing to.  Jason!


Tom Finke in his own little heaven, as we got to see a photograph that was shortly thereafter auctioned off for $550,000.  It was one of the original Robert Frank prints from The Americans–printed for the museum show in the 50’s.  It was exquisite!

013 014

Central Park in the spring.  My head was full of quotes from “You’ve Got Mail”, “Big Daddy”, and that song from the Amy Adams movie “Enchanted”.  I’m such a dork.

015 016 017 018 019

Did I say MoMA was my favorite?  The Met was also my favorite…

020 021

This is the day when we walked so much that the heel fell off my boot.  And I HAD to buy new shoes.  And those new shoes gave me terrible blisters, and I was limping for the last 6 miles of our walk:

022 023

Everyone raved about this Indian restaurant last year.  It was absolutely essential to go this year.  I’ve never seen so many lights hung up in one room.  Fire hazard, for sure.  Excellent food, absolutely.



Being me, I had to photograph the most expensive cup of coffee I’ve ever bought in my life.  And it was only a 6oz latte!  $6.  I know.  Big baby, I am.


Every photographer must visit B&H while in NYC.  And the best part of B&H?  Ashton.  Duh.

027 028

Oh, and the fact that I’ve never seen so many Jewish men in one place in all of my life.  It was pretty awesome.


The city was a bit much for me to handle at times.  So, I excused myself from the group many times and headed for Central Park.  I ran into Big Bird on one occasion, out enjoying the weather I presume.  I was bummed that Snuffy wasn’t with him.


Highline Park:

033 032 034

035 036

Food?  Yes, please.  Favorites?  Pizza.  Gyros.  Ice cream trucks.


Art celebrity encounters:  I got to meet Maggie Taylor and Jerry Uelsmann.  So awesome.


Every tourist must go to the Empire State Building, yes?  I thought it a bit ironic that there was a saxophonist playing the theme song from “An Affair to Remember” while up there.  I was hoping that Cary Grant would walk through the door at any moment.  Or at least Tom Hanks.  Boo on both.

039 040

And a piece of “Kathryn Heaven”:  The Strand Bookstore.  I was there for hours.  Considered setting up a cot in the back.

041 042 043

As I wrap this up, I would like to say a HUGE thank you to Mom and Jose.  THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU.

It was such a wonderful trip.  So much insight.  So much art.  So much to digest!

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