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Running Music :: Guilty Pleasures

March 20, 2013

Let’s talk about running.

I’m training for a half marathon.  I know.  A few short months ago, I couldn’t even run a whole mile.  And this is 13.1.  I might need someone to drag me across the finish line, by my hair.  But I’ll make it.

Okay, let’s actually talk about running music.

I’ve got about 9 different playlists I like.  Hip Hop.  Because this white girl has NO rhythm. My upbeat Christian music, because it’s inspiring.  There’s even the Christian Hip Hop… There’s my Latin music, because hey, let’s add insult to injury, they can probably run and dance at the same time.  There’s the epic music, which I am ever grateful to Travis for introducing me to.  Listen for yourself. Doesn’t it make you feel like you could go out and conquer the world?  Punch a tree or something?  Take out Rocky?

And then I have a list of “guilty pleasures”.  That’s pretty standard, right?  Like, the music that I don’t want to listen to on Spotify, because I don’t want anyone to know I really like it…?   That kind of music.  Well, it’s really great for running to.  And I catch myself adding a little shimmy and booty shake while I jog.  Ahem.  Oh, and sometimes I even try to sing along.  And then then I remember that I can hardly breathe as it is, and I give that up pretty quickly.

So, here it is, my guilty pleasures.  Judge me all you want, people:

The Soundtrack to Hairspray.


Most of the music from Seasons 1 & 2 of Glee.


Anything awesome that Queen sang.  I actually don’t think this belongs on the “guilty pleasures” list.  I HAVE tried to sing along to “Fat Bottomed Girls” while running, which is pretty impossible.  Just FYI.

And… the worst 2 of all… the Jonas Brothers.  And the soundtrack to High School Musical. I’m thinking I’ll spare you the music video, yes?

There you have it.  I’ve posted my shame all over the internet.  And in my defense, I DO listen to good music sometimes as well.  Although my credibility to define “good” is probably shot now.

Can anyone top that?  Please, please, please…. I once heard of someone who worked out to Phantom of the Opera.  I wish we had been friends, because that actually sounds like a good idea.

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