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Morning Rituals

February 25, 2013

Mornings.  Anything that makes them easier is very welcome.


Vintage Poster

Jamie often gets up at 4:30am and does her work out before she has to leave for her shifts at 6:30.  Sometimes, every once in awhile, I’ll join her.  But the gym that early is absolute TORTURE.  Wow.  The other morning, instead of going to the gym, she decided to do a Ballet Physique video in our living room.  I got up with her.  I did the warmup.  Maybe a few arm raises with the light weights.

Then I sat down on the couch, browsed Pinterest, and watched her do her workout.  In my defense, I WAS browsing the health and fitness section.

Here’s a few things to add to the pleasantness of the waking hours, which I have found on Pinterest and elsewhere recently.  Some, I will credit to that hour of not working out the other day.

I like to think this is how I look in the morning, all cute and cuddly:


                                                    Kitten on Windowsill

In reality, I probably look more like this:
I love my coffee.  Who doesn’t?  Here’s a few pleasant coffee cups:

Rooster Pouring Coffee


                                                               Coffee Poster

And of course, this is definitely my favorite:


                                                   Ryan Gosling Coffee Cup

Just a few other things to make mornings more pleasant:



Zooey Deschanel.


 An Awesome Spoon, which I’m sure would make the oatmeal taste better.  I’m just sure of it.


Every man likes his newspaper, right?


And a little positive encouragement goes a long way.



 Happy Monday!  Wakey wakey!

(All photos have their respective links, mostly I found these on Pinterest :))


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