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February 17, 2013


This guy.  Shamus Courtlandius Musgrovius.

Daily free entertainment.

I could sustain an entire blog on anecdotes about this guy.

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Most of them have to do with the amount of food that he consumes.  Dude is truly a bottomless pit.  Perhaps I haven’t been around guys enough, but Jamie and I are DAILY in awe of how much food this guy can pack away.  Comments like “Really, Shane, the WHOLE brick of cheese is gone?”  or “Did he just eat a salad bowl full of cereal?”  And the fact that he can eat approximately 5lbs of Chinese food in one sitting, then go get a big bowl of tortilla chips and salsa, for dessert!  And not gain an ounce.  Unfair.  Seriously, if any female ate like that, there’s no WAY she’d be a beanpole still.

I will make a confession though.  He’s not the one who drinks all the rum.  When the rum is gone… well, it’s usually me and my mojitos to blame.

And then there’s the hair.  And the impeccable sense of fashion.  And I swear he’s building a rocket in the bathroom.  But I digress.

Having this man as a roomie for nearly two years now has been like a perfect combination between Monk and Schmidt.  OCD and metro-manliness.


Great for guy advice.  A fascinating anthropological study.  I’ve become a great communicator, especially when frustrated.  And he has single-handedly cured me (almost completely) of chick flicks.  Well, except for Jane Austen.  NO man, roommate or whomever, will be taking my Jane Austen away from me.  But I must say, I have a new respect and admiration for anything with explosions, assassins, and sweeping epic adventure.  We have equal crushes on Daniel Day Lewis, Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg, Denzel Washington, and all of Hollywood’s other BAMFs.  I know the plan of attack should anyone ever break into our apartment, and it is directly related to the shotgun located in the other bedroom.  I still don’t like beer… but hey, can’t win em all.

Anyway.  I’ve only got a few months left with this roomie and his wife.  It’s been fascinating, and I’m sure life will feel a bit more dull once I live in a studio all alone.  At least I’ll have Matt Damon to keep me company this time.



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