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Valentine’s Day Ideas

February 12, 2013

I’m pleased to introduce my next guest blogger, Emily, of CuteLittleLife.  I love craftsy people, particularly because I’m not one of them myself, so I am super pleased with all of Emily’s lovely ideas for Valentine’s Day.  Also, I am one who tends to forget about holidays until the day before…. so anyone who can be more on top of things wins my vote.  Emily has always been one who remembers the little details and the cute decorations, and the bendy straws (of course!)  Enjoy!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you’re at all like me, it’s caught you off guard and a bit unprepared. I’m not the kind of girl who needs flowers and sparkly presents but a nice little card is always appreciated. In case you’re in need of a last minute gift, here are some of my favorite quick crafts and free printables from around the web this season. Follow the links at the bottom to the original posts and have fun spreading the love!

Need to pop the question? Just a printer and some ink gives you a quick and simple way to see – will they be your Valentine? Be sure to include a coupon for something they won’t be able to deny! A sure way to guarantee they check “Yes.”

Make a Wall of Hearts for your true love (or friendly roommate!). Fill them with little love notes or words of appreciation.

Soft watercolor feather tags to use as an embellishment on a gift or for a simple note. Print a bunch and make a feather bouquet!

Bigger is almost always better (triple scoop of ice cream, anyone?) and these posters are just fantastic – and cheap to print. The downloads are free! Choose one and wow your love with big love this Valentine’s.

Feeling a little love sick? Print these darling labels and fill a little jar with something special to cure anything that ails them. Conversation hearts, Hershey kisses, or a special something sparkly, perhaps…?

Quick to print, these tiny love notes are the perfect addition to any gift – or a bag of treats for your friends, family, or coworkers.

Love can be all encompassing – but sometimes it’s best to keep things simple. A free downloadable card to print and give.

Everyone loves a bargain! These cute little art prints give just that – first it’s a card, then it’s art. Two for one. Gotta love it.

Jessica Jones shows us how to make another wall of hearts, but I think a bunch of these hanging as a garland would be just darling. Or fill a box and mail it to someone super special for a heart felt surprise.

No matter who you’re loving this Valentine’s Day – mom; dad; boyfriend; boyfriend’s pet turtle who bit your pinkie the one time you tried to feed it; your pug named Moe; the neighbors pet parakeet who doesn’t understand that when it’s covered, it’s time to sleep; husband; wife; cat who pees on the stove – there’s no denying we’ve got plenty of heart to go around.

All images found via their respective links. All rights to their respective owners. Please repost from original links and respect the artists who made these available.

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    Great post! Such adorable ideas! Good blog post idea kathryn! And great post, emily!

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