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Happy Accidents

January 29, 2013

Before I jump into my weekly dissertation, I have a little annoucement:  I have so many wonderfully creative friends.  I’m going to have them be my guest bloggers, starting tomorrow.  Such an honor, really!  Anyway, I’m going to try and have at least a few guest blogs a month, just to mix things up, and hear from some awesome people.

Now, on “happy accidents”.

On Saturday, I was practicing some bridal portrait lighting in the studio.  I picked up one of my lenses that I haven’t used in a month or so, and forgot to actually dust it off.  But dust can be used to the advantage of the photographer almost any time.  Here’s what happened:

KB_008 KB_009



Actually, my reaction to the effect was way more priceless than the effect itself.  I’m sure most photographers already knew about this technique.  But me… I was beyond pleased.  I ran around the studio showing everyone who would hold still the image on the back of my screen.  I texted it to people, and kept on babbling about it.  Jamie was amused, to say the least.  I’m such a dork sometimes.  She’s such a patient model.  I was just pleased that I accomplished in camera what a lot of people spend plenty of time on in Photoshop.  Not that I’m against editing.  But I’m not really a fan of spending hours on end in front of my computer.

Here’s a few of the other portraits from that day, and a few from earlier in the week.  I’m working on a whole series of brides in the studio right now, for a class.  Jamie is just plain stunning.  And look at the one of her back!  Wow!

KB_010 KB_007




And then there’s Miss Erin Taylor.  Freaking gorgeous.  Stunning.


KB_001 KB_002 KB_003 KB_004 KB_005See you tomorrow.  Well, Molly Lewis will be seeing you tomorrow, as my guest blogger!  Holla.


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