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January 14, 2013

Doing the math, I believe I have been friends with the Lewis’ for 11 years now.  Molly has been my favorite artistic inspiration over the years, as well as the one who has directed me toward all my favorite books, authors, musicians, and best coffee shops.  Nathaniel was my prom date for junior prom, oh so long ago 🙂 Leslie makes the very best chocolate chip cookies, and there always seems to be a jar of these lovelies in the kitchen.  Amanda is cooler than all the rest of us, and has been known to go and live in exotic places like Madagascar.  And of course, Emily and Molly are such fabulous bloggers.  Anyway, here’s a few from our day.

Oh, and something worth mentioning:  the wind was horrible that afternoon!  And Molly has just SOOO much hair.  We nicknamed it “Hagrid hair”, the 8th member of the family.  You’re so welcome for that, Miss Lewis.

Bronn_150 Bronn_175 Bronn_135 Bronn_108 Bronn_097

I told them to give me their best “Clint Eastwood” face.  Here’s what I got:



Bronn_078 Bronn_008


Love you Lewis’s!

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