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January 7, 2013

If there is one thing I have learned in the past few years, it is that resolutions are tough.  Lame.  Just another way to set yourself up for failure.  That’s why the gym is crowded the first week of January, and back to normal by the second.

But goals, those are different.  They are clear, specific, workable.  They are dreams, made into plans, and broken into smaller, chewable bites.  I like goals.

Last year, one of my goals was to run in the Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot in Wash Park.  It wasn’t a New Year’s goal, but one that came up in about August.  At that time, I had never EVER run an entire mile in my life.  Ever.  And I made a goal to run the 4.2 miles.


Oh look, here’s me dying.

Bronn_002 Bronn_003

My friend Travis even came to make sure there was photographic evidence that I made it to the finish line (which was right in front of me), thanks man!  I was so happy after accomplishing that goal!  In fact, it fed into the desire to make more goals, in more areas of life.

Some friends of mine have mentioned that instead of having resolutions, they find a word that they can embrace and focus on for the year.  “Relationships”, “Gratitude”, etc.  Well, I had already picked my word by the time this came up in conversation, although I’d done it rather unknowingly.  I decided in December, after much thought, that I’ve spent way too much of my life being afraid of things.  How many opportunities have I passed up because of fear?  So, 2013 is my year of conquering fears, and my word is “Courage”.

My goals?  A list (which is still growing, and becoming frightfully long) of things that I am afraid of.  Some of them are physical activities, like running in longer races, or skiing, and some are artistic activities.  Did you know I’ve never been in a real musical?  I know, I studied music.  But the theater freaks me out, as much as I desire to be on stage.  So I’m auditioning for a musical.  Next week.  A lot of the goals deal with the inward fears; the things no one sees except for the few that catch me when vulnerable.  The hurts, and things that I am tired of controlling the outward actions.  So, year of courage.

Does anyone else have a word?  Goals?  How do you set about accomplishing your goals in practical ways?

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