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Losing My Mind, err, Keys.

January 3, 2013

I lose things.

Not just daily, but multiple times a day.  And not just my keys.

The things I have lost this month include (but are not limited to):

-Keys, 92 times.

-iPhone, 187 times.

-Student ID, found exactly 35 seconds after I bought a new one.

-Snowboard and boots.  Huh.  Still stumped on this one. I searched my closet, but no luck…

-I lost my math homework.  Legit.

-An entire bag of memory cards, approximately 150GB of memory.  Later found in my camera bag.  Der.

-The craft supplies necessary for Christmas presents.

-All the Christmas lights.  I found them the day AFTER Jamie took down the Christmas tree.  Sitting on my bookshelf in a box.


And let’s just throw my car keys in there again for good measure.  Especially since I am currently missing yoga because I couldn’t find them in time to go.  Where were they?  Um, my purse.  In that super secret pocket I forget about, nearly every day.

Jamie says I need to wait at least 24 hours before announcing that I’ve misplaced something.  Today, her sister was staying with us, and trying to help me find my keys. Jamie said it was a lost cause.  Kelly asked if I thought of checking the fridge.  I already had, which was cause for more laughter at my expense.  So lame.

Is there therapy for a person like me?  Does anyone else have issues with forgetfulness and losing things?

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