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A Word of Gratitude

December 10, 2012

I had written a whole rambling post about restlessness, but just up and deleted it.  Right now, today, I am grateful for those who are always pressing on, and pushing forward in life.

I feel incredibly blessed to have people like Kelly Lemon, Molly Lewis, and Erin Taylor, who inspire me to be a better friend and woman of God.  I am grateful for people like George and Justin, Jason, and Travis, who unknowingly push me to be a better and more devoted artist, in my studies and in life. For my instructors, Tom, Jill, Todd,  who show me the possibilities as an artist and “painter of light”.  For mentors-turned-friends, like Jen. And for people like Jasmine Star, and Ashley Ann, who add humor and the nonsense of everyday life to the world of being a photographer.

Some days I do feel restless.  I feel like the dreams are a million miles away, and impossible.  But then I am pushed and encouraged to get up off the ground and DO something.  Instead of wishing and hoping, I am pushed by those better and further along than me to simply TAKE ACTION and MAKE myself grow.  For that, I am incredibly grateful.  For those who are vocal, thank you.  And those who are simply inspiring by example, THANK YOU.

The little encouragements along the way help too (thank you Kelly Holton):


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  • Reply Justin December 13, 2012 at 10:18 am

    You blew my mind this year with all the awesome work you made, and how much you have grown. Can I also just say, I think we all owe you a debt of thanks for having you in our lives you, you are one of those that make me want to be a better artist as well. However, beyond art, you are also one of the few people in this world that make me want to be a better person overall. Thanks!

    • Reply Kathryn January 1, 2013 at 8:18 pm

      Thanks Justin! Somehow this comment escaped my notice, and I just now read it. Made my week!

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