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November 27, 2012

This boy.  I LOVE this boy.


He is so special.  I knew that from the moment he was born.  I cried, and my mom laughed at me for crying.  Being an auntie is such a privelege!

This kid has some difficult mountains to climb in his life.  But I hope he knows, or at least comes to learn, that he was meant for AMAZING things.

I recently got to take his portraits, while I was on one of my California trips.  He’s getting so handsome, right?  I think my mom doesn’t mind having a photographer in the family.

Clearly, he comes from the Goodban clan…


 And just because I am his auntie, and I so rarely post about my family on my blog… LOOK at the CHUBBY cheeks of his!  I recently dug these out of old box of photos from when I was in high school.

And don’t you just want to squeeze him??

 Okay, okay, I’ll stop.  But just 2 more, for his Grammie to appreciate…

Much love to you Lane, my favorite punk 🙂

–Simple Life Photography by Kathryn Bronn

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