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The Hughes Family

September 10, 2012

Sometimes, I just get to photograph an absolutely adorable family.

It reminds me why I love my job and field of study.  They make it too easy, really.

The Hughes family just happens to be one of those.

I invited them into the studio to be part of my “Motherhood” project, but taking photos of the entire family ended up being such fun that I couldn’t resist!  Of course, I will use a few of Avrey and Ella in my project, but really… just look at these guys.  So perfect.


And now to the motherhood part.  The other parts of the “Motherhood” project have been more emotionally intense.  I like the whimsical, happy parts represented here also:


Oh, and let’s not forget about photos with Daddy!

Simple Life Photography, Kathryn Bronn. Denver studio portrait photographer.

I told Ella that if she held still for a minute, I would take photos of her jumping.  Here was the result:

Love it.  Thank you Avrey, Micah, and Ella for such a fun morning in the studio!  It was a delight to meet you!

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