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Garden Time :: Annalise

September 5, 2012

So, this post is about Annalise, and highlighting her adorable self. However, before I begin, I must take a moment for a little rant.

It is directly related to my lack of a green thumb.  In fact, I believe that I have a black thumb.

You know how Jasmine Star is always referring to her hilarious inability to cook?  Yeah, my inability is directly related to the garden.  I don’t get it!  My mother can just look at a plant and it’ll produce a 3 foot long zucchini.  My grandfather seems to go and speak over his garden and the hollyhocks bloom, and the raspberries overflow his baskets.  I had a roommate that could bring any plant back from the dead.  Me?  I’ve killed 3 cacti, this year alone.  And 8 potted herb plants, and 4 houseplants.  Peppermint is considered a weed here in Colorado.  And I can’t even keep a weed alive!! Seriously, I feel a bit bitter about this. And if you’d like to get me a Christmas present, let’s have mercy on the poor plants, and you can just get me some silk flowers from Michael’s.

Anyway… I digress.  I thought it would be fun to highlight how natural OTHER people look while in the garden.  If you can’t do… photograph.  I guess.

Awhile back, Anna and I did a little garden photo shoot.  She was such a great sport, because that day it was hot as fire!  About 10 minutes into our time, I was daydreaming about fudgesicles and frozen yogurt… ah, such is life.  Annalise is such a natural beauty, so using her for the little project I was working on was easy!

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