August 31, 2012


I had the privilege of enjoying Erin’s company in the studio yesterday, and hearing all of her wonderful stories of life in New York.  For this Colorado girl, such a city life seems so far off and glamourous… and yet she is doing it!  Her stories of teaching voice lessons, walking across the street and bumping into celebrities, and all the random available experiences of such a city were simply delightful.  Oh, and that sense of humor?  Perfect.  Enjoy these shots, because I surely enjoyed shooting them!

So, not only does Erin have a beautiful natural smile, she also has the ability to pull off any expression at a moment’s notice.  Most of these we were just joking around and making fun of bad acting, but here goes anyway:

Erin, be deep in thought!

Drama, Erin!  Give me drama!

And a few more lovely shots:


And my very favorite from the day:

Thanks Erin, it was fun working with you!  I definitely have the urge to go the big city now (although if I want a REAL pizza, I’ll make sure to go to Chicago).




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