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Laguna Seca :: Part 2

August 8, 2012

Yes, it is a week late…

By now I’m sure that everyone has forgotten all about the races.  I didn’t!  It was such an exciting thing to see for my first time.  Here’s the second set of photos from the Grand Prix race:

First of all, check these 2 out. They were zipping around that track at about 130+ miles per hour.  How would you like to be the guy on the back?  I heard that Chuck Norris once got on the back of that Ducati and CRIED when he got off.  Ha! (Okay, maybe not Chuck Norris specifically, but some tough guy actor).

Oh! And there’s the man of the hour.  Jose!  And who’s that scruffy, sunburnt girl next to him?  Geesh.

Now look how this situation progresses… a bit freaky if you ask me.  We were sitting right above turn 2, which was right near the start/finish line of the track.  It was a sharp turn, so it is common for people to crash there, especially right around the beginning of the race when everyone is bunched together.

Oh man, it was a nail-biting moment.  Like being at the rodeo and hoping that cowboy doesn’t get his ribs stomped on by a bull.  That guy almost got run over by another racer!


It was a fabulously “educational” weekend for sure.  OH, and I sat by one of the racers on my flight home.  But you already knew that from my raving about it on Facebook.

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