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The Lovely Vail Valley

July 10, 2012

It is interesting as a child to grow up in a place that most people would consider a tourist destination.  People from small, steady towns or big cities cannot relate as much to the “seasonal” type of life people live in resort towns.  Growing up in the Vail Valley, and then later near Palm Springs, California, I was able to experience this.  The town quadruples in size during the winter, then there are the “off seasons” (a concept surprisingly foreign to many), where the town is more like a ghost town.  The difference between Vail and Palm Springs, of course, is the summer.  OH, the glorious Vail summers!  No one in their right mind would go to Palm Springs in the summer, but Vail!  Oh, it is just a thing of delight.

I did a project recently for Michael Routh, a Real Estate Broker up in Vail, taking some stock photos for his website.  I didn’t go out hiking or get anything really crazy; mostly, I just captured neighborhoods and things that people look for when moving to a new area.  The best part about it is that it is the height of a glorious Vail summer right now.  Everything looks just perfect!  (Not sure if you can tell that I am a summer girl?)





To anyone who lives in the Valley, these are everyday photos.  But oh, may the beauty that surrounds you every single day never grow old!

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