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Kitchen Misadventures: Quiche!

July 8, 2012

For the rest of this project, I think I will refer to my food blogging project as “Kitchen Misadventures”.  Prepare yourself for humor, and lovely failures.  And a COMPLETE inability to follow a recipe properly.  Seriously, what is the problem here?

Anyway, I started this project and then disappeared for 3 weeks.  Sorry about that!  You know how it goes– family comes to town, and all other plans go out the window.  As for the other 2 weeks, oh, who knows what was going on there.

So, what began as a healthy recipe quickly changed into one much tastier.  Perhaps I tend more towards the Pioneer Woman’s type of cooking than my Paleo cookbook allows?  Life is so much yummier with cheese!

This recipe was called “Egg Cupcakes”.  Here are my 3 errors in making it, as a word to those smarter and more intuitive in the kitchen than I:

1. I didn’t use muffin cups, I just sprayed the muffin pan.  It took me 3 days of soaking and scrubbing to get all the baked eggs out of it.  It was also brutal to get the “cupcakes” out of the actual pan.

2. I didn’t measure the amount of veggies I put in, even though the recipe was specific.  Being who I am, I of course put in way too many veggies, which made the cupcakes really dense and rather juicy, and they didn’t expand as much as they were supposed to.

3. Notwithstanding, they were pretty yummy!


Because I didn’t measure things (is that what those funny shaped cups are for? How is it that my mom can be so accurate without measuring, and I just turn out as a bit of a mess?), I ended up with a whole bunch of left over egg mixture.

Since my family was about to come to town, I decided to treat them to something very special: my first ever quiche!

So, I took the rest of the mixture, added a few more eggs to balance out the “juice” from the veggies, and bought a pie crust.  Finally, a win!  This turned out to be completely delicious, and a hit with my parents.

First set of lessons learned:

1. Measurements are actually semi-important.  Yes, Mom, I know this lesson does not apply to you.

2. It’s probably better to use the muffin cups in the future, since doing dishes and scrubbing tough stuff is the least fun part of cooking.

The recipe I used was from the Everyday Paleo cookbook, by Sarah Fragoso.

See you next week for more fun in the kitchen!  If you have any recipes to suggest, please post a link in the comment section, and I will add it to my list of things to try.  Remember, the biggest part of this project is to learn how to actually follow recipes, and how to incorporate healthy elements into the meal.

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