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My Birthday Project–Food Blogging

June 11, 2012

Today marks the beginning of my trek into my mid to late 20’s, rather than my early 20’s.  And I am joyful about it!

As a project for myself this year, I decided to do some food blogging.  I want to photograph and write about things that are completely unrelated to school projects and my portfolio–just a fun, creative outlet.

I love to cook.  However, whether it is a gift or a curse, I have never learned to follow recipes very well.   My mother is a brilliant, creative cook, who makes up her own recipes, and never seems to measure anything.  I learned a lot of those habits, but lack the brilliance in that area.  I have found my “go to” dishes that just work, and seem to always buy the same 10 ingredients to make variations of those dishes.  Salads, chicken-somehow, chicken in a salad… you know, a bit boring, even in relatively healthy.

So this is my year of cooking.  I found some healthy cookbooks, full of ingredients unfamiliar to me.  I am going to go through them Julie and Julia style, except not everyday.  And I am going to make myself follow the recipes verbatim!  So, I shall be food-photography blogging at least 1-2 times per week this year, in addition to my regular blogging.  I’m excited about this project.  Perhaps since I’m cooking healthy things too, I can learn a few better habits and find some new tasty treats.

My friend Annalise gave me a little birthday gift to encourage me in this venture… so cute!

I look forward to new discoveries and hopefully some good reader feedback!  Let me know if you ever stumble upon a great recipe that I should try, or if you have any helpful suggestions that would assist my kitchen clumsiness!

To find any of these cookbooks, or look into any of the authors, here are each of their links:

 Paleo Comfort Foods

Everyday Paleo

The Homemade Pantry (I couldn’t find a website for her, so this is just the Amazon link to the actual book)

Deliciously G-Free

Clean Start

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