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June 9, 2012


My family and I happened upon this place while traveling in Central California this past spring.  I never discovered the true history of the place, so I decided to make one up for myself.  I do like a good story.

Once upon a time, in Northern California there lived a happy little family.  Norma and George met in 1942, during the War years.  He was a handsome soldier and she was a nurse with the Red Cross.  Both ended up being stationed in Paris, where they met.  For them, the rest was history.  They managed to stay alive through the war, come home to California, where he was from, and put down some roots.  This was the first and only house they ever purchased– a grand total of $4000.

A lifetime of history lives in the ruins of this place. Now in their late 90’s living in a nearby nursing home, they sit together and reminisce over their years together.  The children, the grandchildren.  The football games in the backyard, stepping around the chickens, the smell of fresh bread after a long hard day of work.  It was after they moved to an assisted living facility a few years ago that this house fell into disrepair.  After a massive storm in 2009, the place was condemned and repossessed by the bank.

To a passerby, it is just a dump of an old house, painted with peeling red paint.  To many in the town, it is an eyesore.  To the one who stops and looks more closely, it is a place with a story to tell.  Perhaps the story is not epic, in fact, it is rather quaint and common, but it is a story of life shared.


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